TURNSTYLE DESIGNS have been designing and manufacturing some of the world’s most inspiring door hardware for over twenty five years. Using classic materials to create contemporary designs, Turnstyle handles can be found worldwide on some of the world’s most prestigious projects including private homes, yachts, hotels and restaurants. Turnstyle Designs use only the very best full grained, vegetable tanned leather on their products. Leather like all natural materials will change with age, the more you use it the better and richer it look.

 Bullet Goose Neck Combination Amalfine Door Lever

Chesterfield Recess Amalfine Door Lever

Faceted Barrel Recess Amalfine Door Lever 

Flute Goose Neck Combination Amalfine Door Lever 

Banded Egg Door Knob 

Layer Door Knob 

Saturn Door Knob 

Stacked Faceted Door Knob 

Stacked Shagreen Door Knob 

Stacked Woven Recess Amalfine Door Knob 

Recessed Recess Leather Flush Pull 

Round Fixed Recess Leather Flush Pull 

 Shagreen Tube Combination Amalfine Door Pull

 Slim Woven Barrel Recess Leather Door Pull

 Wire Recess Amalfine Door Pull

Coffin Leg Scroll Solid Carbinet Handle 

 Coffin Leg Scroll Solid Hammered Carbinet Handle

 Coffin Leg Scroll Stitch Out Recess Leather Carbinet Handle

 Full Covered Bar Saddle Carbinet Handle

 Plain Combination Almafine Carbinet Handle

 Saddle Bar Carbinet Handle

 Square Scrool Stitch Out Recess Leather Carbinet Handle

 Edge Wing Scrool Cabinet Handle

 Flush Block Recess Amalfine Flush Pull

 Flush Scoop Recess Amalfine Flush Pull

 Square Strap Stitched Strap Carbinet Handle

 Faceted Cabinet T-bar Scroll Compination Almafine Cabinet Handle

 Hammered Ledge Push Button Latching Handle

 Square Strap Plain Loop Strap Carbinet Handle

 Square T Bar Stitch Out Recess Leather Cabinet Handle